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Workshops with Simone Lindner

I became certified as an Anatomy Trains teacher by Tom Myers in 2005. I am a senior teacher. Under the AT umbrella, I  teach myofascial release classes (FRSB) globally as well as Anatomy Trains classes in structure and function. I teach workshops for massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers, pilates and yoga teachers, chiropractors and osteopaths. The classes are either hands on or functional movement classes. I teach postural assessment and strategy which can be helpful for any student who wants to work smarter and not harder. 


Under theTouch Medicine umbrella I teach self myofascial release classes and functional movement classes as well as self-help for clients and therapists. I lead study  and discussion groups and I offer mentoring either for the individual student or in  group format. I have a passion for teaching but I also enjoy the one on one experience with the client.

I believe in enabling the person to find their utmost unknown  potential  and I (hopefully) guide them into independence . My intention is to evoke each client's own healing ability, as this is their birth right, and I get to participate in their healing process and see them supersede their former expectations about themselves.

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