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12 Series KMI

  • 1 hour
  • Prices may vary
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Service Description

SUPERFICIAL SESSIONS: SESSIONS 1-4 A brief run down of the first four superficial sessions (please note that superficial means superficial in depth of your body, not meaning “light in touch”): Session 1: is where we focus on the Superficial Front Line of the body. The Superficial Front Line is a myofascial connection that runs up the front of your body: from the tops of your feet, to your hips, up the front of your pelvis, continues up the front of the body, and ends at the neck. Session 2:we focus on the Superficial Back Line of the body. The Superficial Back Line is a myofascial connection that runs down the back of your body: it starts at the bottom of the feet, runs up the back of the body, loops over the top of the head and ends at your eyebrows! Session 3:we focus on the Lateral Line of the body, or the side of the body. This is considered the stabilizing line. Session 4:is the complicated Spiral Line. The Spiral Line is a myofascial line that wraps your body in what looks like a ribbon. This Spiral Line houses your compensatory twists. CORE SESSIONS: SESSIONS 5-8 Session 5: is the lower Deep Front Line. This session focuses on the inner leg line and includes attention to the infamous psoas muscle. Session 6: is the upper Deep Front Line. This session focuses on deep work in the upper body and includes the psoas (again!), the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spine, and some work under the rib cage. Session 7: is the Deep Back Line. In this session we work with the smaller and deeper muscles of the spine, where deep patterns are held. Session 8: is the session that gets the most requests for a repeat. This is the Intra-Oral session. We work with the fascia of the neck and face, and (with gloves) in the mouth and nose. INTEGRATIVE SESSIONS: SESSIONS 9-12 Session 9: is the first of the integrative sessions. We have a look at the legs and continue to work with the lower half of your body. When we look at you within the force of gravity and while moving, we are able to integrate you further into this new posture. Session 10: is from the waist up. We work the upper body as we worked the lower body in session 9. Session 11: is an entire session dedicated to the arms and hands. In a culture such as ours, that texts and types on a computer as much as we do, this is a essential session for the modern body. Session 12: is the grand finale where we tune up any part of the body that still needs a reminder.

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